Posts from the Intellectual Property Category

11. April 2019 New CIPU report on IP Awareness and Attitudes
19. Februar 2019 Here’s to you, Tempo! – Germany’s probably most famous trademark turned 90.
11. Februar 2019 EUIPO Trademark Decision: OTTO vs. OTTOSUN
17. Dezember 2018 WIPO: China again leads IP filings
21. November 2018 100th Anniversary of Bavaria (Germany) - A glance at trademarks, start-ups, innovation & events
13. November 2018 NEWS on International Designs: CANADA can now be designated
11. Juli 2018 General Court: Decision on meeting genuine use deadlines set by the EUIPO
04. Mai 2018 Happy Star Wars Day and may the 4th be with you!
10. April 2018 Intellectual Property: 2017 IN STATISTICS
22. März 2018 Seminar: Marken-Recht und Marken-Wert am 28. Juni 2018 in München
01. Februar 2018 Fraudsters sentenced to prison for sending misleading trademark invoices
02. November 2017 António Campinos will be the new EPO President from June 2018
10. Oktober 2017 IP Rights after Brexit: The European Commission lists five general principles in its position paper
31. Juli 2017 140 years of industrial property protection in Germany: Traveling through time with German Patent and Trademark Office
15. Mai 2017 Marques lecture: “Mastering the Hague Agreement: from Asia to the USA, through the EU”
25. April 2017 New beginnings for Adidas and its protection of the three stripes
13. April 2017 World Intellectual Property Day - the day we are going to celebrate the extraordinary
05. April 2017 INTA 2017: Over 10,000 trademark experts expected in Barcelona
03. April 2017 Arguments gone with the wind: the EGC upholds a decision concerning a potential one-letter “e” mark
30. März 2017 WIPO 2016: A year in life
07. März 2017 Tuscany´s gold
16. Februar 2017 Counterfeiting: A cry for help from top brands
28. Juli 2016 Trademark issue: Red sole(ly) for Louboutin?
19. Juli 2016 Talking jewelry: what makes a valid shape mark?
18. Juli 2016 MACCOFFE v McDONALD’S: Black sheep of the “McFamily”
12. Juli 2016 EUIPO publishes the first study attempting to assess the dimension of GI infringements in the EU
06. Juli 2016 The Swiss Court decides on a position trademark
05. Juli 2016 Surfing through the latest data on TLDs
04. Juli 2016 Impact of BREXIT on European Intellectual Property
01. Juli 2016 The battle for Rubik´s cube: Simba might be making a comeback
29. Juni 2016 The multitude of Merck lawsuits gets CJEU involved
27. Juni 2016 Football frenzy leaves the pitch and enters the legal arena
27. Juni 2016 ECTA, DAY THREE: On Different Perspectives and Progress
27. Juni 2016 ECTA, DAY TWO: on Changes and BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals)
24. Juni 2016 ECTA, DAY ONE: on particularities and achieving harmonization
21. Juni 2016 Countdown to ECTA
31. Mai 2016 INTA Annual Trademark Meeting 2016
11. März 2016 Adidas officially earning its stripes
25. September 2015 Pilot program of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows amendments to the identifications of goods and services in trade mark registrations due to technology evolution
19. Juli 2015 Counterfeiting Report 2015
03. Dezember 2014 EGC: Rubik’s Cube trademark registration upheld
22. September 2014 Hotel is not allowed to keep six stars
27. August 2014 WIPO: Global Innovation Index 2014
02. Juli 2014 Green Tech Global Challenges Report
18. Juni 2014 Trademark Protection for Slogans and Claims
23. Mai 2014 Image Trademark Search Function
22. Mai 2014 Community Communication in Relation to black/white Trademarks
09. Mai 2014 WIPO: Workshop for Mediators
28. März 2014 WIPO: Trademark, Design and Patent Filings in 2013
24. Juni 2013 Best Global Green Brands 2013