We value making personal connections and staying in close contact with our clients around the world. Our IP team consists of multi-lingual speaking attorneys, certified paralegals and qualified intellectual property support staff.

Our goal is to understand our clients` needs, develop strong, long-standing relationships in order to maximize their success.

Meet the Team:

Attorney at Law (Germany) - Rechtsanwältin (Founder & Owner)
Freia Andrea Breier
Attorney at Law (Germany) Rechtsanwältin (Employee)
Karolin Ernst
Attorney at Law (Germany) Rechtsanwältin (Employee)
Elisabeth Sandmair
Head of IP Administration
Office Manager / Certified Paralegal
Certified Patent / IP Paralegal
Eva Gellner
Certified Paralegal / Bachelor (B.A.) / PR und Accounting Manager
Miriam Fröhlich
Certified Patent Paralegal / Foreign Language Correspondent

Claudia Schaller

Claudia Schaller

Claudia Schaller is the Office Manager at LexDellmeier. She has a dual qualification as a trained and certified paralegal as well as a foreign language correspondent for English and French. She was trained in a law firm and acquired and deepened her knowledge in the fileds of trademark, design and utility model law by woring at different internaltional IP law firms.

She extended her English language skills by staying abroard int he US as well as in Finland and supports the LexDellmeier team also with respect to its international clients.

Duties and responsibilities:

Office Manager

IP Assistance

Docketing and monitoring of deadlines

File and database management

Trademark and design portfolio management

Preparation of trademark and design applications as well as reporting in application, opposition, cancellation and infringement proceedings

Organization of in-house and external seminars regarding Intellectual Property (IP)


German, English, French