Posts from the Intellectual Property Law Category

03. Dezember 2018 Webinar, 12 December 2018 – 10-11am - Trademark Law: Changes in German Trademark Law as of 14 January 2019
21. November 2018 100th Anniversary of Bavaria (Germany) - A glance at trademarks, start-ups, innovation & events
13. November 2018 NEWS on International Designs: CANADA can now be designated
07. September 2018 WIPO publishes new version of Nice Classification for the year 2019
11. Juli 2018 General Court: Decision on meeting genuine use deadlines set by the EUIPO
02. Mai 2018 Brexit update: After Brexit, the “.eu” top-level domain will no longer be applicable to the United Kingdom
22. März 2018 Seminar: Marken-Recht und Marken-Wert am 28. Juni 2018 in München
12. Februar 2018 EUIPO on consequences of hard Brexit
08. Februar 2018 CJEU on conditions of using “Champagne” in the name of a product that only contains a certain percentage of it
07. November 2017 1 December 2017: Madrid Monitor takes its place as the one and only tool for tracking international trademarks
24. Oktober 2017 Ritter Sport´s 3D trademark remains registered in Germany
10. Oktober 2017 IP Rights after Brexit: The European Commission lists five general principles in its position paper
29. September 2017 October 01, 2017: Next wave of changes brought by the EU Trademark Regulation
10. April 2017 The next wave of changes brought by the EU Trademark Regulation is applicable on 1 October 2017
10. November 2016 Importance of Use of Trademarks in Germany and the EU
21. September 2016 FOOTBAL BRANDS 2016: Who leads the game?
22. Juli 2016 Can you keep a (trade) secret?
09. Mai 2016 The new Data Protection Regulation and Directive published
29. April 2016 Madrid System celebrates a milestone anniversary