Trademark application

Your trademark application by our experienced lawyers

Creative products require creative thinking and creativity also in the protection and enforcement of your valuable ideas and intellectual property rights. 

Protect your trademark in Germany, in the European Union or internationally. Trademark  protection gives you the exclusive right to a name or logo and prohibits imitators and “copycats” from similar or identical use of your registered trademark. 

Our law firm will help you to quickly, competently and successfully implement your trademark application in Germany, the European Union or internationally.

Why you should protect your trademark: 

  • Protection of your name, logo or product designations against imitators 
  • Professional appearance and differentiation on the market 
  • Increase of your company’s value and recognisability
  • You create corporate value with your brand

Trademark Application in Germany


299 EUR
plus 19% MwSt.


599 EUR
plus 19% MwSt.


899 EUR
plus 19% MwSt.

Official fees at the German Patent and
Trademark Office (GPTO) i

+ 290 EUR

+ 290 EUR

+ 290 EUR

Checking the registrability of your trademark i

Advice over the phone (15 min.) by a trademark attorney i

Drafting a list of goods and services by a trademark attorney i

Electronic filing of a trademark application (GPTO) i

Trademark identity search i

Company name identity search i

Trademark similarity search i


Docketing of deadlines + monitoring of the payment process i

EXPRESS Review of your order within 48 hours (plus 200 EUR net (Mo-Fr)) i