1 December 2017: Madrid Monitor takes its place as the one and only tool for tracking international trademarks

As of December 2017, ROMARIN, Mardid e-Alert and Madrid Realtime Status will take the back seat as Madrid Monitor becomes WIPO´s only tool for tracking international trademark registrations.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/madrid/en/


As elaborated in our previous post of 6 June 2017, Madrid Monitor represents the next generation of ROMARIN, offering a simple and more streamlined search engine regarding international trademarks. It was built based on the user feedback and thus aims to provide exhaustive and user friendly search functions. Madrid Monitor covers all the trademarks registered through the Madrid System, and as a result, it provides a comprehensive overview and support of trademark portfolios with up-to-date information. Through Madrid Monitor, one can easily search trademarks with both pictures and key words. Among the search functions of the tool it is also possible to save and share search reports.


In order to offer an easy start with the tool as well as to ensure the effective use of all the features of Madrid Monitor, WIPO has created a free eight-part tutorial series for your information.


To receive a better insight of the topic and to learn the secrets of the tool, take a look at the WIPO´s free tutorials here.