15 Years LexDellmeier - 2024 New Year Wishes

LexDellmeier, the creative trademark, design, copyright and licensing law experts from Munich, Germany, and its team members would like to extend to all clients, colleagues and IP friends from around the world a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2024!

Our specialized IP firm is turning 15 years on 1 May 2024 and for this reason printed a 2024 calender - the front page of which you see here. Our aim was to thank our clients and trademark, design, copyright and patent friends from around the world with a gift that would bring joy all year around. In 2024. LexDellmeier celebrates its firm’s anniversary on 1 May 2024. This calendar shows our passion for our work with clients and IP as well as for our hometown Munich, Germany – one of the major hubs for intellectual property in Europe. In order to see the calander and the pictures electronically, please see: https://monochrome-fineart.de/referenzen

Thank you, Ralf Gebhardt – for all your hard work, patience and advice in creating this special calendar for LexDellmeier – Intellectual Property Law Firm. It has been a great pleasure and honor working with such a fantastic photographer. With a passion for photography, he loves to search for images in nature, mountains and cities. His entire portfolio can be viewed on his website and is available as a limited edition in gallery quality. For more photographs and pictures please see his website at: www.monochrome-fineart.de

Some interesting and fun facts about LexDellmeier:

- We all still LOVE our job(s) and are PASSIONATE about intellectual property and our clients.

- Our "founding" office manager Elisabeth (and my first employee) still works at LexDellmeier (special thanks from my side here - could not have done it without her or the other long-standing team members, such as Andrea, Karolin, Eva and all the others on the team).

- LexDellmeier has an office dog "Ben" - a dachshund - who comes to work every day - cheering everyone up in the office.

- Working paperless for many, many years helped us get through the pandemic and supported all lawyers and staff members by being to be able to work remote.

- Winning three large new clients in 2022/2023 with over 1,500 trademarks (and beating some of our large IP firm competitors in tenders - so-called "beauty contests") has made us really proud and makes us work even harder.

- State of the art technology and letting clients have access to their files has really given the firm a boost in the past 15 years.

NOTICE: If anyone we know or who knows us did not receive a calender - this might be caused to either a delay or loss via the German Post Office (which seems to have happened). We still have a few calenders at the office. Please send a short personal message to me via LinkedIn or via email to info(a)lexdellmeier.com and we will send you one - or, alternatively, look at the calendar online at: https://monochrome-fineart.de/referenzen