Global Innovation Index 2018: “Energizing the World with Innovation”

The Cornell University, INSEAD and the WIPO just published its 11th edition of Global Innovation Index (GII) for the year 2018 with the theme “Energizing the World with Innovation”. The Global Innovation Index is an annually published report since 2007, which gives an impartial view to the measuring of innovation worldwide. The 2018 edition provides detailed information about the state of innovation performance of 126 countries and economics around the world, which represent about 90,8% of the world´s population and 96,3% of global GDP.

The GII is based on 80 indicators, such as vision of innovation, political environment, education, infrastructure or business sophistication. This year´s 2018 edition was dedicated to the theme “Energizing the World with Innovation” and contains the analysis of the energy innovation landscape for the next decade and identifies some possible breakthroughs in various fields – for example ,energy production, storage, distribution and consumption.

Further, the report also gives a closer look at how breakthrough innovation occurs at the grassroots or how small-scale renewable systems are on the rise.



According to the GII 2018, the top six most globally innovative countries are:

  • Switzerland,
  • the Netherlands,
  • Sweden,
  • the United Kingdom,
  • Singapore and
  • the USA.

In comparison to the last year, the European countries held their leading positions.


In the category “Innovation efficiency ratio”, the following countries are at the top: Switzerland, Luxembourg, China, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.


Then, in the next category “Innovation input sub-index”, the top countries are ranked as follows: Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland and the USA.


And finally, in the ranking concerning “Innovation output sub-index”, the countries are listed as follows: Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom.


For a better insight on this topic, read the whole report here. Furthermore, to learn about the current rankings of the countries based on different indicators, have a look here.