LexDellmeier - 24/7 availability via online booking tool

IMPORTANT FOREWORD (Date 10 March 2020): In view of the ongoing Corona/Covid-19-crisis: Our thoughts and best wishes are with all persons, institutions etc. (incl. doctors/medical staff, persons infected incl. family, fiends & colleagues as well and individuals and companies) who are encountering health issues, anxieties and economical losses due Corona/Covid-19. Please all stay safe and we call for support and solidarity in an unconventional manner between all parties (e.g. individuals, business partners, institutions, governments etc.) involved during these uncertain times.

Blog-entry and Update LexDellmeier:

In view of the crisis and technological innovations at LexDellmeier we wanted to update you. We have expanded our availibitly to an online booking tool (available 24/7) to be found on its website in 

English: https://www.lexdellmeier.com/en/book-online

German: https://www.lexdellmeier.com/de/terminbuchung


Similar to already known services like Opentable (online bookings for restaurants) we have set up an online booking website where you can "book a lawyer" for a personal meeting, telcon, Skype, FaceTime, Teams etc. meeting and consultation. The tool is available 24/7. You will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt of the "booking invitation". Currently, a separate confirmation regarding confirmation of the day and time will be sent via email shortly afterwards. However, full-automization (as with OpenTable) is underway. Currently, we are still in a "test phase". However, especially start-ups and clients from oversees and from different time zones have enjoyed trying out the tool and using it as ist is simpler than sending an email. 

Besides this new online booking tool - and especially due to the current Corona/Covid-19-crisis - please note:

- that our office is staffed at all times during regular office hours (in case of shut downs we have an emergency plan and team(s) in place)

- we can work 100% digital/paperless

- we meanwhile have 100% home-office covereage incl. taking telcons over VoIP, using Teams (formerly Skype for Business) etc. from our fully equipped home-offices

- are connected electronically to all IP offices we service, namely the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO), the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

You may of course use any an all regular means of contacting us (phone, fax, email - central email: info(a)lexdellmeier.com).