The Madrid Monitor: WIPO´s new-and-improved search system


On 1 June 2017, WIPO introduced a new system of tracking international trademark applications: and in comes the Madrid Monitor!



The Madrid Monitor has now become a one-stop shop for searching and monitoring the status of registered trademarks, meaning that ROMARIN, Madrid E-Alert and Madrid Real-Time Status are to be retired later this year.  The Monitor has a new, polished search matrix, allowing you to conduct your searches according to a text, number, date, class, country, or a mix of those in the advance search option. A helpful new addition is the autocomplete tool, which offers to end your input by matching it to the TM database. Also, there are the image and realtime search, giving you more options and better adjusting to your needs. In case you decide to monitor a trademark post-search, you can set up email alerts that will notify you of all the changes with the trademark of interest.

Despite the novelties, adapting to the new system should not be much of a problem. Its interface, while making your searches easier and more efficient, still highly resembles ROMARIN´s. The new system could therefore be considered as an irrefutable upgrade or a welcomed change, instead of a replacement.

For a guide on how to use Madrid Monitor, please click here.