Meet LexDellmeier’s New 2023 ELSA Trainee!

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is an international organization that brings together law students and young lawyers from many countries throughout Europe, helps them expand their knowledge of different legal systems, and promotes mutual understanding, exchange of information, and personal contacts between young lawyers and law firms.

Background to ELSA Traineeships

ELSA Traineeships is one of ELSA's oldest projects, organized twice a year, and provides opportunities to apply for various internships at law firms across Europe. In the past 14 years, the IP boutique firm LexDellmeier headquartered in Munich, Germany, has offered one 3 – 6 month internship to ELSA per year.

This year, the application cycle for ELSA Traineeships was very competitive (48 applications for one open traineeship at LexDellmeier), and the overall quality of applications received was extremely high. After evaluating the applications, we welcomed our new intern in February 2023, who will work with us for three months.

About Sabah Mine Cangil

Ms. Sabah Mine Cangil is 24 years old, speaks Turkish, German and English and lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She decided to study law after graduating from Istanbul German High School in 2017 with an Abitur Diploma. She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2021. This year, she will graduate from the second undergraduate program she studies at Istanbul University, which is sociology. She is also a student of the Public Law Master's Program at Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences and is writing her master’s thesis now.

After her graduation, she completed her oneyear compulsory legal internship at GEMS Schindhelm Law Firm in Istanbul and just recently received her lawyer's license in December 2022. During her legal internship, she worked mainly in the fields of commercial law, labor law, and immigration law.

While gaining various experience in the legal field and looking into the field of intellectual property, she also tries to spare time for her hobbies: playing the drums, singing, and doing sports. As a singer-songwriter, she has two original songs published on digital platforms. In the field of sports, she did Aikido for many years; now she does reformer Pilates.

During her undergraduate studies, she attended many international seminars and did a lot of comparative law studies (DigiCrimJus, Dreiländerseminar, etc.). She has previously participated in law summer schools in Innsbruck, Austria, and Athens, Greece, and had the opportunity to do an internship in Athens through ELSA, gaining international experience. Therefore, she applied for the ELSA Traineeships again. Intellectual property law is an area she would like to specialize in, so she wanted to apply for the internship at LexDellmeier IP Law Firm. She has been accepted for the internship and is very excited to work for three months, half remotely and half on-site in Munich, Germany.

Expectations regarding the ELSA Traineeship

During her time at LexDellmeier, she would like to expand her knowledge in the field of  intellectual property (IP). In this context, she will be assisting the LexDellmeier team in the preparation of counseling and litigation services they provide to clients on an international basis. She will also be researching and writing blog posts on specific topics of intellectual property and will take part in a 3-month project during her internship. She firmly believes that working at a law firm in Germany will improve her language skills (English and German) professionally, improve her ability to communicate with people, and teach her how to work collaboratively in an international business environment with international colleagues and clients.

We warmly welcome her to the LexDellmeier team!