WIPO´s first “Madrid Highlights” of the year are out!


Every quarter WIPO updates IP professionals with all novelties in the Madrid System.  Published on 18 April 2017, this year´s first newsletter starts with the recollection of WIPO´s record-breaking 2016 and the statistics behind it (for our summary, click here).

The latest edition of the Nice classification (the 11th edition) brought the next big change to the IP world. It introduced over 300 new terms, made minor changes to Class 15 headings and significant changes to the Explanatory notes. The Madrid Goods and Services Manager (MSG) adapted to the alterations, enabling a precise estimate of the result of your application. Combined with the newly published "Examination Guidelines Concerning the Classification of Goods and Services in International Applications", a detailed guide through the examination principles, applying for an international trademark should be clearer than ever.

Other changes revolve around making the System more customer-friendly. Firstly, the Highlights reminded of the opportunity of obtaining certified copies of extracts, legalized by a non-member of the Madrid System. It only takes one email to

">Madrid Client Records Unit specifying all the necessary requirements, to get your copy. Secondly, the new year brought the Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD), a system redirecting callers to WIPO customer service staff speaking the customer´s preferred language (the choice being between English, French and Spanish). Finally, a guide on filling out the Madrid forms, called “Making the Most of the Madrid System” has become available in three languages (again in English, French and Spanish