World Intellectual Property Day - the day we are going to celebrate the extraordinary

Do you know what is the link between the invention of the telephone and intellectual property? We all know Alexander Graham Bell as the one responsible for creating this groundbreaking item. However, evidence shows that the actual inventor was an Italian, Antonio Meucci. You may wonder, what kind of an upper-hand did Bell have over Meucci? The answer is: a patent, which Meucci could not afford. One 15$ patent application changed the course of history, with Meucci falling into oblivion, and Bell enjoying all the laurels.

Every year we mark April 26 as the World Intellectual Property Day. It is the day when we are invited to take a moment to appreciate all the benefits provided by intellectual property. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates this day by bringing light to different branches or aspects of IP and the ways they influence our everyday lives. This year, the focus is set on innovation.

So on this year´s World IP day, WIPO decided to celebrate inventors, their work and the novelties they bring to the world. Under the title “Innovation – Improving Lives”, lays an exploration of the influence of inventions in regards to the environment surrounding us. With it, WIPO´s aim is to attract new investments into R&D. Keeping researchers motivated and prolific results in immense benefits for everyone. It does not only satisfy societal needs, it also creates new revenues, bringing the wheel full circle.


About WIPO

WIPO is a global organization under the United Nations dedicated to creating an effective and thriving system for all types of intellectual property. Established in 1967, it counts 189 member states from all over the world. WIPO´s mission demands for a wide array of activities, from shaping policy for an ever-changing world of IP, offering dispute resolution mechanisms, dispersing technical infrastructure to ensure the necessary internationality, to enticing and supporting international cooperation.

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