On 7 August 2020, all attorneys, paralegals and trainees at LexDellmeier met at the picturesque Lake Starnberg in Bernried (approx. 25 km from Munich) to hold its annual Strategy and Team-Day Meeting. Although the main aim of the meet-up was to discuss three key topics:  digitalisation, client needs during Covid-19 and Brexit, it was also a great opportunity for the team members to finally gather all together (of course, with social distancing measures in place!) after a very long break caused by COVID-19. Some of the LexDellmeier team had been working non-stop from home for the past four to five months. Working web-based or via Teams or Zoom from the home offices has had some advantages (like no commuting time etc.). However, it is always really good to have in-person meetings at least once in a while. Even though home office is still done by some employees, others prefer to come to the office and meet up with colleagues in person – to discuss legal issues or to have a personal chat or just a coffee together. We have hygiene and social-distancing policies in place at the firm and we believe to have found a good balance between working from home and being on site at the office headquarter. Like all are colleagues and clients around the world – work is continuing – just the circumstances are somewhat different during these challenging times.

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Our recommendation: Join the Munich conference to be held in English on 26 - 27 September 2011. For more information and reduced attendence fees for LexDellmeier Blog readers (special thanks you to the host of this outstanding conference, United Domains) - see links at the end of this article.

On 20 June 2011 ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has deliberated to launch the so called New Generic Top Level Domains (TLDs).

New Generic Top Level Domains means that any word in any language can be used as a TLD. For trademark owners this new concept brings new possibilities, but also new risks.

Besides the traditional fields of trademarks, designs, copyrights, the attorneys at LexDellmeier also advise on media & web issues relating to intellectual property.

Due to the expertise in the fields of IP, internet, media & web, LexDellmeier's founder, Alexandra Dellmeier-Beschorner, has just recently been appointed as an Expert in Group III of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The EESC was created in 1957 and serves as an advisory and consultative board for the European Commission and the European Parliament.

On 19 July 2011 the EESC's first meeting with respect to "The open internet and net neutrality in Europe" together with representatives from the European Commission and Parliament took place in Brussels.

is a line in the lyrics of a Jennifer Lopez song. The song somehow flopped, but the shoes  are a legend and commonly recognized by their famous red soles. And because of those shoes the eyes of fashionistas and lawyers are fixed on a law suit that was filed by Christian Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent  before a Federal Court in Manhattan just recently.

LexDellmeier is thrilled and proud to announce that our firm is the winner of the Finance Monthly Law Award 2011 in the category "Trade Marks Law Firm of the Year in Germany".

Just a couple of days ago we were informed by Finance Monthly, a leading magazine for chief executive officers, chief financial officers, corporate tax directors, investment professionals, lawyers, professional advisors, government organisations and academics.

For the first time a German court had to decide on the question if the use of the Facebook “Like” button on an internet sales page complied with the rules against unfair competition, if the button was placed without indicating that data of logged-in Facebook users would be transmitted to Facebook.

The decision by the Regional Court of Berlin dated 14 March 2011 meanwhile published in German is of great interest with respect to the question of infringement of (German) unfair competition laws.

For decades  Germans have been watching "Tatort" (in English "Crime Scene") on Sunday evenings. It is a famous crime series in which each episode shows a different crime movie of about 90 minutes. „Tatort“ is created by several different directors, and every one of them has created his own detective with his own personal work and lifestyle in one of Germany’s cities (similar to the much younger US series "CSI").  The „Tatort“ series has brought forward the talent of many directors and the G erman audience loved the various detectives and with which the different actors were associated with. Fact is, that  „Tatort“ has entertained many generations in Germany - watching detectives appearing, aging and retiring with the years.

The German Federal Patent Court (Bundespatentgericht - BPatG) has confirmed the cancellation of the trademark „Neuschwanstein“.

The trademark “Neuschwanstein” had been registered for a wide range of goods and services but after a cancellation request because of its lack of distinctiveness according to § 8 II No. 1 German Trademark Act (GTA), the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) had cancelled it. Upon the appeal the German Federal Patent Court had confirmed the missing distinctiveness for the following reasons:

The expression “Neuschwanstein” is the name of the world famous castle and tourist attraction in Bavaria, that was originally built for King Ludwig I and that has reached an outstanding cultural and historical importance and recognition.

Just a few days before Europe headed into the 2010 Christmas break the General Court released a range of decisions that had a very festive topic as if the Court had scheduled it right on time to get into the right Christmas mood.

The Court dealt with the question whether the three-dimensional form of a chocolate object and/or its wrapping was suitable to be registered as a Community Trademark. In this specific case, the decisions dealt with a particular shape of a sitting chocolate Easter Bunny (Case No. T-395/08), the same bunny but in a golden wrapping and a red pleated ribbon with a bell around its neck (Case No. T-336/08), a reindeer, also in a golden wrapping with the same red ribbon and bell around its neck (Case No. T-337/08) and finally the red pleated ribbon with the bell itself (Case No. T-346/08).

If you are interested in obtaining a trademark or a design you surely have visited the websites of the relevant offices like GPTO (DPMA), OHIM or WIPO and you will have discovered that they provide a useful guidance and all necessary forms you need for registering your trademark or your design. So why should you spend money hiring an IP-lawyer? Why shouldn’t you do it all by yourself, you might ask yourself.

It’s true you can do it all by yourself. Most offices do not require that you are represented by a lawyer. But registering trademarks and designs by yourself bears a great risk that can most probably make the registration an extremely expensive adventure that might not even end with obtaining the trademark or the design. Here are four reasons why hiring us as your IP-lawyers is a good investment:

© is an abbreviation of copyright but in Germany the designation of a work with this sign is not necessary as the copyright automatically is obtained with the creation of the work.
However it is very advisable to designate publications in the internet.Concerning the designation, the © should be accompanied with the name of the person holding the rights, the number of the year of the first time publication as well as the sentence: „All rights reserved“.

Instead of the ©, there might be a reference to §§ 53, 54 UrhG, which regulate the admissibility of replication and the duty of compensation, and to § 106 UrhG, regulating the criminal liability of unauthorized use.