Posts from the Community Trademark Category

12. April 2021 Color Marks – ECJ sets out details on 24 March 2021
04. Juli 2019 When a striker acts as a defender: EU General Court’s decision “NEYMAR” (T-795/17)
07. Januar 2019 European General Court: Distinctiveness of the Shape of an Amphora with a Bulge
07. September 2018 WIPO publishes new version of Nice Classification for the year 2019
02. August 2018 General Court: cannot be registered as an EU trademark
11. Juli 2018 General Court: Decision on meeting genuine use deadlines set by the EUIPO
16. Mai 2018 Marriott wins case against Austrian billionaire: General Court rules visual and conceptual similarity between figurative marks
04. Mai 2018 Happy Star Wars Day and may the 4th be with you!
19. März 2018 General Court of the European Union states no likelihood of confusion between “BEPOST” and “(e)POST” trademarks
05. März 2018 LG´s Trademark „Dual Edge“ is descriptive in the EU
12. Februar 2018 EUIPO on consequences of hard Brexit
01. Februar 2018 Fraudsters sentenced to prison for sending misleading trademark invoices
27. April 2016 Trying to escape the bite of the Crocodile
11. März 2016 Adidas officially earning its stripes
21. Dezember 2015 EU: Significant changes to the trademark system
16. Dezember 2015 EU: Trademark reform package approved by the European Parliament on 15 December 2015
27. November 2015 EGC: ELITEDISPLAY and ELITEPAD descriptive for the goods designated in the applications
08. Oktober 2015 Update of the OHIM Guidelines
19. November 2014 Congratulations: OHIM celebrated its 20th anniversary
10. September 2014 Change in examination of international registrations designated in the EU
03. September 2014 Football trademark battle - Eagle Symbol of REAL infringes trademark rights
20. März 2014 Presentations and Pictures of 2nd INTA / Munich Bar Association IP Paralegal Roundtable on 13 March 2014
12. März 2014 EGC rules: Yellow curved line cannot be registered as a Community Trademark
05. März 2014 Facebook vs. Parobook
03. Februar 2014 Position mark - "button in the ear" of a teddy bear - not registrable as a Community Trademark
17. Juni 2013 Top Community Trademark Applicants 2012
24. April 2013 World Intellectual Property Day - 26 April 2013
16. Januar 2013 Croatia will join European Union on July 1, 2013 - Community Trademarks & Designs will then cover 28 countries