WIPO: Global Innovation Index 2014

Innovation Index1The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with the Cornell University and the international business school INSEAD, have just published the Global Innovation Index (GII) Report, in its 7th edition this year. The report ranks 143 countries and economies around the world on the basis of 81 indicators. The theme of the Global Innovation Index 2014 is “The Human Factor in Innovation,” exploring the role of human capital in the innovation process and underlining the growing interest that firms and governments have shown in identifying and energizing creative individuals and teams. 1.Top 10 leaders The “Top 10″ leaders allocated in the Global Innovation Index this year are: Innovation Index2 Because the  IP firm LexDellmeier is headquartered in Munich, Germany, we are pleased to take note of the fact that Germany  – even if not one of the top ten – at least ranks 13th this year. All of these GII leaders have created well-linked innovation ecosystems, where investments in human capital connected with strong innovation infrastructures contribute to high levels of creativity. Especially the top 25 countries in the GII constantly score high in most indicators and have strengths in areas such as innovation infrastructure, including information and communication technologies; business sophistication such as knowledge workers, innovation linkages, and knowledge absorption; and innovation outputs such as creative goods and services and online creativity. 2.Leaders of the regions: As can be taken from the chart below the leaders in the various regions are: India in Central and Southern Asia, Switzerland in Europe, Barbados in Latin America and the Caribbean, the US in Northern America, Singapore in South East Asia and Oceania, Israel in Northern Africa and Western Asia, Mauritius in Sub-Saharan Africa. Innovation Index3For more detailed information and the full report including charts, overviews and other statistics please see: http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/freepublications/en/economics/gii/gii_2014.pdf