Brand Value Survey 2015 – Banking

In February 2015 the Brand Finance Banking 500 ranking was published in “The Banker” magazine. This annual ranking of the 500 most valuable brands in the banking business is created by Brand Finance. Brand value of banks worldwide Below is an extract of the 2014 annual worldwide ranking about the trademark value of banks. Because of the high participation of 500 banks, the ranking is quite significant. Wells Fargo maintained its No. 1 position with a brand value of approximately 35 billion US- Dollars in 2015. Wells Fargo is followed by the Chinese ICBC and the British HSBC. As you can see below, America’s banks remain the most valuable in the world. 60 American bank brands are featured in the global top 500, with a cumulative brand value of 201 billion US- Dollars. But, of interest is that the cumulative brand value of Chinese banks has increased by 29%. They now make up 15% of the brand value of the Banking 500. On the other hand, European banks lost significant value between 2014 and 2015.