Presentations and Pictures of 2nd INTA / Munich Bar Association IP Paralegal Roundtable on 13 March 2014

INTA_Logo On Thursday, 13 March 2014, the 2nd INTA IP Paralegal Roundtable was hosted at the Munich Bar Association. The four-hour event - thanks to the organizing committee, speakers and sponsors - with approx. 70 attendees - was an overwhelming success. 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_Participant_View

As a member of the INTA Trademark Administrators Committee and also on behalf of the members of the organization team (Ingrid Fuchs, Melanie Schulze, Susanne Ferstl, Erna Aigner, Tess Gamon, Angela Mamuzic, Kathrin Geyer, Yvonne Bender) who all spent and invested their free time to make this event happen, we would like to thank everyone for either supporting or attending this year's IP Paralegal Roundtable.

Close to 70 persons again attended this year's meeting hosted in Munich, Germany. A special thanks goes to INTA and its team, the TMA Committee and our sponsors, Coresearch, a Wolters Kluwer company, and GSI Office Management, who sponsored the After Networking Event at the Vino Caffé. If anyone who attended the event did not receive a certificate of attendence, please contact the bar association directly at:

The speakers were so kind enough to send us their presentations (in German). You are welcome to download the documents and pictures.


1. Schedule and Presentations INTA_Schedule_RT_2014 Vortrag_Dr_Kinkeldey_Haftung_Internetplattformen Vortrag_Dr_Kinkeldey_Rechtserhaltende_Benutzung Vortrag Tess Gamon Kanzlei Unternehmen Vortrag Herr Hochmuth_DPMA_Recherche Vortrag_Herr_Vyshnetskyy_Selbstaendigkeit Vortrag Yvonne Bender Weiterbildung Networking ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Pictures at the Munich Bar Association and at the After Networking Event The 2nd INTA IP Roundtable again was a great success. This time the Munich Bar Association was so kind as to host the event and issue certificates of attendance for the approx. 70 participants. Below please see pictures of the workshop held and the After Networking Event. 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_EA_Flowers 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_Moderators 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_Participants_back_view2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_TG_Flowers 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_12014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_2 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_MS_Flowers2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_Max_Kinkeldey 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_9 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_32014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_4 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_52014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_62014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_72014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_8 2014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_92014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_102014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_AfterNet_112014 03 13_INTA_MUC_RT_YB_Flowers