QUESTION: What is worth more than gold and diamonds in these economic still turbulent times?


ANSWER: Intellectual Property (IP) Rights - including trademarks, designs, utility models & patents.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) just recently published its World IP Indicator 2011 Report.

Fact is, that Intellectual Property (IP) Rights have experienced a growth rate that is breathtaking.

- Patent filings grew by 7.2%

- Trademark filings grew even more so by 11,8%

in 2010 - compared to a 5.1% increase in global gross domestic product (GDP).

The growth comes from the larger IP offices around the world - the number one being

1. China with an increase of 24.3%, followed by

2. the European Patent Office (EPO) with an increase of 12.2%,

3. Singapore at 11.9%, followed by

4. the Russian Federation at 10.2%.

Special Highlight: TRADEMARKS - Germans file largest number worldwide

The year 2010 brought about the largest growth at an increase of 11.8% in trademark applications and an increase of 21.4% in trademark registrations worldwide. An estimated 3.66 million applications were filed globally, whereas, WIPO reports that Germans filed the most.

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