Women in Law Award 2019 – Protecting Brands and IP Successfully and the Women behind LexDellmeier


With the legal profession traditionally being male-dominated, Lawyer Monthly aims to recognise the struggles female lawyers overcome, in order to be the best for their clients. That is why we are very proud to have received the Women in Law Award and to be on the cover of the 2019 edition of the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards Magazine.


What are the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards?

The legal sector is no stranger to carrying predisposed notions on the battle of the sexes. With the legal profession traditionally being male-dominated, the female lawyers from Lawyer Monthly often comment on the struggles they face when trying to crack the industry. Thus, in accordance with celebrating the women who work hard to not only conquer the legal world, but also for the betterment of their clients, Lawyer Monthly presents its annual Women in Law Awards. In the 2019 edition, Lawyer Monthly not only celebrate and highlight the achievements of women in the legal profession across the globe, but also recognise the challenges they overcame. The Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards recognise female legal experts that have influenced the wider legal profession in their jurisdiction.

Why do we, LexDellmeier, deserve this award?

Passion, core competence, communication, integrity, creativity and teamwork distinguish the Munich-based boutique IP law firm LexDellmeier. We are small, but awesome. We love what we do. We always give our best and focus on fast, clear and effective communication. We are honest, reliable and like to go unusual ways in order to bring our clients cost-effectively to their goal. And above all, LexDellmeier is a great team of 10 highly trained and motivated women who support each other and overcome every hurdle together.

Alexandra Dellmeier is an Attorney at Law and Certified Intellectual Property Attorney (Germany), specialising in the field of Intellectual Property Law (IP). In 2009 she founded LexDellmeier Intellectual Property Law Firm in Munich, Germany. She gives a professional insight regarding the role of an IP attorney as an intermediary between clients, IP offices, customs offices and courts, current challenges and future trends in the field of IP. And, she talks about her all female IP boutique firm in Germany – and how that happened: https://womeninlawawards.lawyer-monthly.com/winners-edition/16/

“Women in law are on the rise – but the right mix, whatever gender, background or ethical roots makes a firm successful.” That is what Alexandra Dellmeier and the LexDellmeier team believe in. “Our aim is simple: Be the best at what we do.”