The 187th Oktoberfest should have taken place as usual on the Theresienwiese in Munich in 2021. But also this year the Corona pandemic ensures that unfortunately nothing will come of it. At the press conference on May 3, 2021, it was explained that a unanimous decision had been taken to recommend that the major public festivals in Bavaria, including the Oktoberfest, should not take place. However, on this occasion we took a look at the developments and news about the word mark "Oktoberfest".



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A trademark is a sign protected by law, serving to distinguish goods and services of one enterprise from those of another. Besides it implies the following functions of:

-  origin

-  communication

-  guarantee

There are different types of trademarks:
-  Expressions, letters or numbers  (wordmark),

-  A picture or logo (figurative mark), as well as the combination of words and pictures (word-design mark);

-  A color or a combination of colors (color mark);

-  Three-dimensional shapes (3-D-mark),

-  Radio-jingles or a combination of a melody (sound mark);

-  Slogans and even gestures (move mark)